05/10/2020 – Devotion of the day

Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away. Mark 13:31
God clearly tells us in His word that the world and the entire universe including the heavens which is the stars and the planets and the galaxies and the kingdoms of the spiritual beings will all one day pass away and be destroyed. God’s creation is on a clock and we can see the resources of the earth being used up at a rapid rate. Man because of his sin, is filled with greed and wickedness that we do not know how to use the resources of this earth in the right way. But we have nothing to be afraid of , God’s word is filled with promises that show us a way out and if accept His Son Jesus Christ as our savior we are assured of salvation. Every word of the Lord is filled with power and might and will take us to the eternal kingdom that He has kept for us.
Prayer – Dear Lord, help me to hold on to your word, read your word and meditate on your word to undestand the times and the seasons of this world. – Amen


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