About Us

Our Mission

At Gospelislove, our mission is to spread the love of Christ to everyone accross the world and be the light of this world.
We are a self supported non profit trust , registered in India and primarily supported by the founders and family members of the team.

About Gospelislove

For 16 years, Gospelislove has carried out the simple assignment given to the founders by the Lord to spread His love and bring the healing touch of Jesus to everyone. Through the online ministry,gospelislove.com has touched thousands in their day to day life with the
– Newsletter – Verse for the day
– Prayer ministry
– Messages that help to understand God’s word in a practical way

The testimonies of answered prayer and the anointing that comes from the daily scripture conveyed to us by the subscribers is the supernaturable hand of the Lord.

Our Core Values

The ministry is founded on the gospel, which love is the central message of Christ and our core values are around
– Serving the community with love
– Deliverance with the power of God
– Building lives with the word of God